1. Apple is not a sponsor nor is it involved in the activities in any manner.
2. Google is not a sponsor nor is it involved in the activities in any manner.
3. LUKKY app meets all sweepstakes regulations in the 50 United States and the Kingdom of Thailand.
4. LUKKY app is a free download.
5. No purchase is necessary.
6. Winners are publically announced both on the app, social media and other channels (including our live-streamed program).
7. All prizes listed will be awarded to app users. Prizes are sequestered until awarded.
8. The app publisher pays all applicable taxes.
9. The user plays a simple game that requires skill and memory in order to be eligible to win a given prize.
10. Each day the user gets to play the game for 18 items from the catalogue that they have added to their Wish Lists. In the event that the user has not chosen 18 items from the catalogue, the game items will be populated algorithmically from the catalogue.
11. The game consists of photographs of the 18 items rearranged each time the user starts the game.
12. The user has three seconds to find the photograph of an item.
13. Each time the user finds the photograph within three seconds, he/she gets a token for that prize.
14. When it comes time to award a prize, only users who have played the game and acquired three tokens for that prize receive a Prize Winning Question.
15. The Prize Winning Question is typically a trivia question and may be about the prize, the brand or the merchant selling it.
16. The answer to the trivia question is easily found on the merchant’s website or by searching the web.
17. Everyone has five minutes to answer the question from the time the Question goes out.
18. Once a user opens the notification that a Prize Winning Question is available, the time it takes that user to submit the answer is recorded using the user’s phone’s clock. The answer and user’s response time is submitted to LUKKY.
19. After five minutes, the user who answered correctly in the shortest time is determined to be the winner. All users who submitted an answer receive a notification of the winner’s response time.
20. The users themselves determine the winner by their actions rather than a lucky draw.
21. All prizes will be delivered to the users address free of charge within central Bangkok.
22. Prizes are forfeited if undeliverable to an address provided after three attempts and no response to additional attempts to reach the winner after 60 days.
23. Prize winners outside central Bangkok either must come to collect the prizes or can pay extra for shipping to their location.