LUKKY Thailand on the edge of launching

LUKKY Thailand, an unit of the San Fransisco based application company Wynsom INC., will be launching its brand new application soon.

With getting all the assets done, the team behind LUKKY are in full force towards launching the mobile shopping app this month.

LUKKY is the answer for merchants who’ve been struggling with reaching its customers on mobile platforms. Where other platforms ‘pushes’ their advertising, LUKKY created a ‘pull’ effect to reach potential new customers for businesses. LUKKY contains a fun game where users could win their favourite products, just by playing the game. Next to that, LUKKY streams a LIVE show every saturday filled with amazing product reviews, Thai influencers & celebrities and reports around the city of Bangkok.

By listing products from all angles, the app is build for active mobile users. Since the consumer uses their mobile phone nearly 3 hours per day, mobile advertising is the new way to increase revenue.

Stay tuned!